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Adoption and the American Dream

By gsnyder, Sep 23 2012 04:31PM

How many commercials have we all seen with poor, starving children around the world in need of a better life? How many children in our own cities and communities need parents to guide, support, and teach them? How many Albert Einsteins, or Abraham Lincolns, or Jackie Robinsons are there that never got the opportunities to make an impact on the world? This was my inspiration for Ana in One Moment in Time. What would Ana’s life had been if it wasn’t for Jack and Maggy?

When I visited the orphanage in Oaxaca (see the picture on the photos tab), I was blown away by both the poverty in which they lived, and the joy on their faces when they were playing in the courtyard. I drew a crowd when I was speaking with Maria, the woman who was in charge, and I figured they didn’t get many visitors, especially ones that didn’t speak Spanish too well. Despite all of this, Maria sat with me and answered all of my questions, all the while the children sat quietly and listened. From time to time I think about those children. Would they have the opportunities to succeed in our world?

Currently we are having a national debate on who will be President of the United States for the next four years. Many times over the past year, each candidate has talked about the “American Dream” — the idea that anyone, from any background, can achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Then I think does that exist? Can a child with little or no education really achieve his or her dreams? Then I think that we as a society should do a better job giving these children, who are in their situation through no fault of their own, a chance at achieving their dreams?

My goal in writing this blog isn’t to get you to adopt a child or volunteer or even donate money. I’m just hoping that each of us realize that we, just like Jack and Maggy, can be a positive influence in the lives of others, and we can help those around us have a greater opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Glenn Snyder

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