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Duck Watching

By gsnyder, Aug 27 2012 12:56AM

One of my favorite places to go is the town square in Sonoma. Napa gets all of the fanfare, but it also gets most of the tourists. Sonoma is a beautiful town a few miles west of Napa County and a few miles north of Marin County. Several times a year, my wife and I drive up to Sonoma for an afternoon or for a nice dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants on the square. The Sonoma town square is one of those hidden gems that locals know about, but not many others.

When I was picking a place for Jack’s first exposure to politics, Sonoma wasn’t my first thought, but I’m glad it was on the list. While writing the chapters that led up to and took place in Sonoma, I spent four nights at the Sonoma Hotel on the square. Each day, I would take my laptop to the park in the middle of the square, watch the children play and the ducks swim in the small pond. The environment was very conducive to writing, although those ducks can really capture one’s attention.

I tried to incorporate many of the top issues of the day that were being debated in Sonoma county, the biggest one at the time was the possibility of a new Indian casino. I hope that when you read the chapters in Sonoma, you can relate many of the issues to today’s political environment and wish we had a leader like Jack.

Glenn Snyder

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