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Perseverance and Leadership

By gsnyder, Oct 1 2012 12:48AM

Early in my career, I was attending an all-company meeting, where the CEO said that he believed the most determinant measure of success was perseverance. The ability to continue to keep moving towards your goals no matter how difficult the road becomes was a common trait found in the most successful people.

I took his words to heart, but expanded the context to include influence. I believe that although goals can be individualized, they typically impact other people, and it’s that influence which often determines greatness.

Perseverance and leadership were two core characteristics that I instilled in Jack Barrett. Jack’s determination and never-give-up approach is what helped save his life and others after a major San Francisco earthquake. And it was his ability to influence and lead that Jack used in his assent in politics.

Too often in today’s world, dreams are set aside because they’re too hard or require too much effort. In my own life, and in Jack’s, I have found that regardless of the difficulty, if you persevere, achievement typically follows. So the next time you think about what you want to do with your life for the next five, ten, or twenty years, just remember, if it’s something you want badly enough, don’t give up, and influence those around you.

Glenn Snyder

Oct 24 2015 05:20AM by Shiqi

Great article. Thanks for the insight.

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