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Political Candidates & Spike Lee

By gsnyder, Sep 10 2012 04:25AM

Watching and listening to all of the political rhetoric sometimes makes me nauseous. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had politicians that could just “Do the Right Thing?” Candidates and campaigns on both sides of the aisle seem to be misleading the public by outright fabricating stories, not worried about any potential fallout. It’s a sad state of what our politics have become.

Most of us want a politician that is unbiased by lobbyists, political contributions, and being re-elected. That idea was integral in my creation of Jack Barrett in One Moment in Time. What could the country, or world for that matter, be if our politicians truly looked out for the best interest of the people they serve, rather than themselves.

Many readers have said or written to me that they really enjoyed the debate and solution Jack came to around education spending in California. Although they acknowledged it was a creative solution to a difficult problem, what they liked the most was the way Jack approached solving the issue. Rather than backroom deals or boasting in the media, Jack brought all sides together for a brainstorming session. He pulled opinions and desires from all sides, and found the areas of overlap that they could all agree to.

I would like to believe that most politicians truly want what is best for this country and want to be good leaders. Unfortunately those who are out for their own power and wealth have gained too strong of a voice in our media. However, we have to remember that we are the ones with the power, the power to vote. Although we may not feel like our one vote carries any weight, just remember there are probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who feel the same way you do.

Glenn Snyder

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